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The best tool for herd management

AfiFarm is the most complete herd management software in the world, ideal for advanced dairy farmers. Its strength comes from its complete data base that contains the event history of every animal in the farm which consists in the automatically real-time collected data by its different modules.

Main Features

AfiFarm has the capacity to handle several aspects of the dairy farm. It generates work lists and reports that present or inform the status of the dairy farm in a specific moment.

When integrated to the Afimilk system, the AfiFarm provides the best tools for daily routines that facilitate decision making in the farm through a deep analysis of the herd performance and its general management.

The combination of the automatically collected data by sensors and manually by the staff in the farm creates a comprensive and complete data base of each animal.

AfiFarm, stores historical data of each animal, including ancestors, previous lactations, calves, recommended bulls for insemination and events such as diseases which allow the farmer to have an exact vision and create a performance analysis of future predictions and herd management.

The AfiFarm has a user-firendly interpface for the user that allows an easy access to the data base to design and exctract graphs or reports.

AfiFarm is the ultimate software dairy farmers, it provides them with all the right tools to manage from family dairy farms to fully automated dairy farms.


Insemination lists
Make follow ups and send alerts of open cows
Send alerts of possible abortions
Schedule and graph calvings
Automatic cow selection for OvSync treatments and pregnancy check ups
Fertility analysis report to evaluate the pregnancy rates, calving rate, cycle distribution, and other comparative fertility reports
Events analysis


List of suspected cows to have udder diseases, ketosis, laminitis or postpartum problems
List of veterinarians
Summary of the herd’s health to monitor and give a follow up on their treatments
Feeding storage management

Milking parlor and equipment

Follow up of the efficiency and milking routines
Alerts of milking irregularities, equipment failures, cows with milk retention, overmilking and involuntary removals of the milking unit
Calculates biomodal curve
Monitoring of the total milking efficiency and milking parlor performance
Monitoring of the actual milking time

Milk Yield

Total milk yield per session or per day
Group average and normal deviations
Control of daily loads to milk pipes
Analysis of milk yield per herd, group or animal
Curves and objectives of the milk yield per lactancy period
Cow milk yield forecast module
Comparison between herd groups, by period of time and other parameters.

Herd planning

Monitoring of the herd structure, its groups and lactancy distribution
Planning of the herd performance to optimize the production during the year. This module shows the production forecast when there are changes in the herd size caused by the sale or purchase of cattle, among other factors.
Quota management and planning
Management of herd planning according to the criteria established by the user
Management of males and females

Advantages and benefits of the software

AfiFarm, provides modern management capabilities to dairy farmers. It is easy to use, it is a program completely adaptable to the needs of each user, and its management philosophy incorporates a broad knowledge of the daily needs and tasks of the dairy farmers.

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12236 Cutten Rd.
Houston, TX 77066, U.S.A.

+ 1 (832) 631 - 43 11


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